Animal Control

The animal control department's responsibility is to enforce the animal related codes of the City of Atoka.  This department is run by one part-time Animal Control.  The Animal Control Department works closely with Chief of Police Gene Dodson. 


The City of Atoka requires that all dogs within the city limits be registered annually.  Dog registration has many benefits including:
  • Reuniting lost dogs with their owners.
  • Helps veterinarians and Animal Control Officers contact you should your pet ever become injured and need lifesaving treatment.
  • Helps keep strays off the streets.
  • Helps maintain good health of our citizens and pet population by monitoring required vaccinations.

The annual cost for registration is just $4.00.  A copy of your dog's Rabies Vaccination Certificate from your veterinarian is required at the time of registration.

You may register your dog at the Atoka Police Department. 

Lost and Missing Pets

We occasionally get calls about missing pets.  If you have lost your pet, or have found a pet, please leave a message for John Smithart with a detailed description of the animal.


The Atoka Animal Control Department always appreciates donations of goods or funds. Generally, the shelter can benefit from donations of dog food, bowls, water buckets and leashes. Please contact Chief Dodson for more details.