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City Manager Report

Mar 22

03/20/2023 City Manager Report

Posted on March 22, 2023 at 8:34 AM by Kayle Wallis


 City Managers Report


Spring Cleanup Week is scheduled to begin Monday, March 27th through Friday, March 31st. Please have your household items and brush ready for pickup on Sunday, March 26th. Please remember to place your items at least 5 feet away from your poly-cart and place in an open area away from meters. Brush will be picked up separately so please separate your cleanup items from your brush. Also, please do not fill your poly-cart with cleanup items. You will also have the option of hauling your household items to the transfer station at no charge during this week if you present your most recent water bill statement to the employee at the transfer station. You will need to come by City Hall and get a copy of your most recent water bill statement prior to going to the transfer station. Please note: electronics, tires, batteries, shingles, or construction debris will not be picked up. The City Staff will only go down each street ONE TIME during the week to collect these items, so make sure you have your items out on Sunday, March 26th.


We will also have the transfer station open that Saturday, April 1st, from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for your convenience.


We continue working all over town, and have been very busy in several areas, which are broken down by department, in the following paragraphs:


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT/STREETS DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Darrell Hokett reports his crew has completed the following tasks: 


A smoke test was completed at the Atoka County Health Department. 

Pot holes were patched throughout town as needed. 

The last load of road base was hauled from Midstate. 

Gravel was hauled up to the hill and dozer work completed. 

Gravel was leveled at Katy Lake. 

Dirt was hauled off from McDonald’s.

Concrete was busted up at the old O’Reilly site. 

Roll-offs were hauled and serviced as needed. 

The shop was cleaned. 

Assisted the Water/Sewer department with leaks and sewer repairs as needed. 

Installed the new lift at the Shop. 


WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Gordon Smith reports his crew has completed the following tasks:


Daily rounds were completed including locates, work orders for the City Hall, and meter reading. 

The sewer line was unstopped and/or repaired at 190 Ruth, East 14th, and on A street and Montana, T-Mobile, West 3rd Street, and East B Street.

Leaks were repaired as needed. 

A new meter was placed at Brickyard.

A drain was unclogged at the transfer station. 

A smoke test was completed at the Atoka County Health Department. 

Work was done near the new eye clinic including the taps. 

Assisted the streets crew will patching pot holes. 

A water tap was put in at Starbucks. 

A line was dropped at the sports complex . 

A yard was repaired on West 8th




PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Bruce McBride reports his crew has completed the following tasks:


Rocks and dirt were hauled from the old ballfields. 

Trash was picked up throughout town including the parks, cemeteries, and lakes. 

Brush was hauled off from Montana. 

A drain was fixed at the museum. 

Chad Coats filled in at the Transfer Station. 

Shelves were put together for the City Hall and installed. 

The floors were worked on at the Police Department. 

Brush was cut at Atoka Lake. 

Delivered Poly-carts as needed. 


CITY SHOP: Supervisor Jim Tobler reports he has completed the following tasks:


A new connector for jet vac machine was fabricated. 

Miscellaneous parts were ordered. 

Changed out a blown fuse in the battery box on CI110.

Oil was changed as needed as well as filters, and fluids. 

Tire repairs made as needed. 

The shop was cleaned. 

Metal was taken to Atoka Welding for a Roll Off. 

ON CI346, a window frame and glass installed. 

The quick connect fittings on steam cleaner were replaced. 

Brakes were checked on PD35 to stop squeaking. 


WASTEWATER TREATEMENT PLANT:  Supervisor Oakley Gass reports the following update:


The plant is running well this week. 

The sludge content is being reduced. 

The UV System and RAS Pumps will be cleaned. 

An air leak is going to need to be dug up and fixed. 

There will be a three-hour composite test coming up. 

The 40-foot clarifier will be washed down. 

The 60-foot clarifier is still down, but will be getting it back up as soon as possible. 

Oakley is waiting on some quotes to come back for the scum pump and has turned in quotes for the SCADA system. 


WATER PLANT:  Supervisor Jacob Boston reports the following update:


The plant is running an average of 9 hours per day and an average of about 365,000 gallons per day this week. 

The sand blasting has been finished on the water tower and the primer is being put on the outside of the tank to prep for the final coat of paint. 

Jacob and his crew have begun to narrow down to the correct dosage of coagulant and polymer. 

Haynes will be arriving soon to get some of the new equipment and computers set up. 


POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Chief Gene Dodson reports the following:


The Atoka Police Department general activity report for the reporting period of 03/01/2023 through 03/12/2023. The Police Department responded to 29 disturbance calls and 206 “other” calls, incidents or activities that required service (this does not include traffic stops or traffic contacts.)  There were 19 municipal prisoners booked into the Atoka County Jail, and 15 Municipal Court Arrest Warrant(s) served.  There were 36 OSBI ODIS Offense Reports filed, and 5 Official Collision Reports filed in the Municipal Clerk’s Office. There weren’t any Emergency Detention (Mental Health) cases during this period. 


On 03/07/23, Assistant Chief Brian Snead and I continued conducting applicant interviews for a Patrolman position.  We tentatively selected an individual that is currently undergoing preemployment screening and required related testing.


On 03/09/23, I attended the semiannual Lake Atoka Reservation Association Board meeting in Oklahoma City, OK.


On 03/10/23, the Lake Patrol Truck (Unit No. 34; 2021 Ford F150 4WD) and the new 2022 Ford PI Utility Vehicle (Unit No. 35) were taken to Shipman Communications Durant, OK shop.  Unit No. 34 was taken due to issues with the overhead lightbar failing and Unit No. 35 was taken for installation of a couple of emergency equipment items.  Both units were returned to service later that day.


Routine problems occurred with several of the police vehicles and other departmental equipment during the referenced period.   Repairs and maintenance continued as they normally do. 


ANIMAL CONTROLOfficer John Smithart reports the following:



(*The following numbers were reported from 03/01/23 through 03/12/23)


Dogs that were picked up by the Animal Control Officer: (08)

“Other” animals picked up or otherwise dealt with: (02)

Dogs that were adopted from the pound: (0)

Dogs that were claimed by their owners: (0)

Dogs that were euthanized: (05)

Animal carcasses that were retrieved for disposal: (08)

Dogs that were being held in the pound: (08)

Dogs that were properly registered according to City Code: (05)

Dogs that were escorted to the Vet (with owners) for Rabies vaccinations: (06)

Warnings issued (verbal or other): (07)