City Manager Report

May 11

05/01/2023 City Manager Report

Posted on May 11, 2023 at 10:52 AM by Kayle Wallis


 City Managers Report


New businesses are currently in different stages of development in our downtown, which have many folks beaming with excitement and anticipation, myself included! 


Of course, the sooner these businesses finish their remodeling process and actually open, the more the fun times will increase in our downtown as more and more citizens and visitors can shop, visit, and simply have fun like we used to, when our downtown was booming every day. 


The Parks crew has built some horse shoe pits at the City Lake, and we’ll be adding a few other things out there in the coming weeks to further advance this little hidden treasure of ours. If you haven’t been out there lately, you really need to drive out there and check it out; and don’t forget that it now has street lights as well. 


We continue working all over town, and have been very busy in several areas, which are broken down by department, in the following paragraphs:


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT/STREETS DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Darrell Hokett reports his crew has completed the following tasks: 


Potholes were patched throughout town as necessary. 

The dozer was moved to the hill. 

The crew worked on scratch hill. 

The extended stay location was cleaned up some. 

Sand was hauled to Green Meadows Cemetery and the City Lake. 

Trash and Brush were picked up at the Transfer Station. 

A grave was opened and closed. 

The crew worked on the trash compactor. 

Roll-offs were serviced as needed. 

Gravel was hauled to fill in where the PSO poles were removed. 

Sludge was hauled. 

The shop yard was cleaned up. 

The curb on Tracy was removed. 

A tin horn was cleaned out. 


WATER/SEWER DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Gordon Smith reports his crew has completed the following tasks:


Daily rounds were completed including meter reading, locates, and work orders for City Hall. 

The sewer lines at the following locations were repaired and/or unstopped: Haskell, Linda and Sandy, Brenda, Oak, Tushka, Ruth Ave, and Texas Street. 

The water lines were repaired at Linda and Sandy, and Dickerson. 

The meter behind Boggy Bottom Antiques was repaired.  

A sewer tap was completed at 197 W Ruth. 

A new line was put in at AT&T. 

A new tap was completed at the Chiropractic Clinic. 

A drain was cleaned out on Ohio. 

The meter at Johnson Park was repaired. 


PARKS AND RECREATION DEPARTMENT: Supervisor Bruce McBride reports his crew has completed the following tasks:


The crew picked up trash throughout town, at the lakes, and at the parks. 

The crew mowed at the transfer station, underpass, Pennsylvania Ave, Waste water plant, around the sidewalks, water plant, the old ball fields, the cemeteries, near the City Hall, the Box House, the lakes, and at the firing range. 

The crew brush-hogged around the sewer plant lagoons, and the center median south of town. 

The crew assisted the Sports Complex Manager with putting backstops up. 

A desk was put together at the police station. 

Water was drained at the airport fuel pit. 

The trash cans were emptied downtown. 

A tree was cut down at the City Lake. 

Chad worked at the sewer plant on the backwash ponds. 

Trees were trimmed at the library. 

Trash cans were painted. 

Poly-carts were delivered on Friday. 



CITY SHOP: Supervisor Quenton Thompson reports he has completed the following tasks:


Routine repairs were made including tires, oil changes, cleaning the shop, and checking fluids. 

The taillight was rewired on CI215. 

Tires were replaced on units as needed. 

Torches were gathered to be rebuilt by James Supply. 

The 40-yard roll-off was repaired. 

New brake-pads were installed on PD 29. 

Batteries were pulled on CI333 to replace. 

The disassembly was finished and started putting back together with new suspension on CI129.



WASTEWATER TREATEMENT PLANT:  Supervisor Oakley Gass reports the following update:


The plant is running well over all. 

The crew will be working on addressing the DEQ violations from the meeting held on Friday, April 21st

The UV System and RAS pumps will be cleaned. 

Airmac has arrived and working on the digesters. 

Once Airmac is finished, the crew will be digging up and fixing the air leak. 

The lab area will be cleaned up and organized. 

The 60-foot clarifier is also being repaired. 


WATER PLANT:  Supervisor Jacob Boston reports the following update:


The plant is running an average of 8 hours per day and an average of 409,250 gallons per day. 

The company performing the sandblasting on the water tower, are now working on the two towers downtown while waiting on the logos for the plant tower. 

Jacob reported that two new air relief valves have been installed. 

To help with TOC’s, Jacob will be getting quotes on cleaning out the two towers downtown as well as the first clear well, which has a sand build-up. 


POLICE DEPARTMENT:  Chief Gene Dodson reports the following:


The Atoka Police Department general activity report for the reporting period of 04/10/2023 through 04/25/2023. The Police Department responded to 34 disturbance calls and 233 “other” calls, incidents or activities that required service (this does not include traffic stops or traffic contacts.)  There were 13 municipal prisoners booked into the Atoka County Jail, and 2 Municipal Court Arrest Warrant(s) served.  There were 28 OSBI ODIS Offense Reports filed, and 4 Official Collision Reports filed in the Municipal Clerk’s Office. There weren’t any Emergency Detention (Mental Health) cases during this period. 


On 04/13/23, I applied for a Body Worn Camera Grant from OMAG.  If approved, we could receive as much as $10,000.00 to apply to the Body Worn Camera Project that we are implementing this year.  We are currently resolving some logistical technology issues and awaiting final approval of our Policies by the City Attorney before we can start utilizing the cameras.


On 04/16/23, Drake Smith began duties as a Patrolman.  Smith’s application packet for the CLEET Basic Academy was submitted and he is currently enrolled in the October Academy in Ada, OK.  Until Smith begins the CLEET Basic Academy, he will be assigned to various experienced Officers for Field Training purposes.


On 04/22/23, Sergeant Cody Poe and Patrolmen Christian Shomo, Drake Smith and Reserve Officer Steven Flowers participated in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Event at Ritter’s Express Pharmacy.   The annual event is a DEA Drug Diversion Program and is co-sponsored by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.


On 04/24/23, the Police Department hosted the TASER CEW Basic Instructor Course at the Police Department.  This was the fourth time in the past seven years that Atoka PD was selected to host the training course.  Typically, the TASER Basic Instructor courses are held in larger cities.   25 Training Officers from 4 different States (Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas) completed the training.  It should be noted that the training enrollment fee for each attendee is approximately $500.00.  However, as a host agency, the Atoka Police Department received two free Instructor training enrollments.  Lieutenant Jimmy Taylor and Sergeant Kalin Singleton participated in the training and were recertified as TASER Instructors.  The AXON Academy requires that TASER Instructors recertify every two years and Users must recertify annually.


On 04/25/23, Atoka PD Officers Doshier, Griffith, Poe, Riley, Shomo, Singleton, Smith, Snead, Taylor, Wood and I attended a CLEET Accredited Continuing Education Training Course at the Kiamichi Technology Center.  The course was: Interactions with Autism Spectrum Disorder and was taught by an Instructor from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health.  Approximately 37 Officers from 10 different law enforcement agencies throughout southeastern Oklahoma attended the training.


On 04/25/23, Atoka PD received a Gold level recognition plague for 2022 as part of the Lexipol Connect Customer Recognition Program.  This is the highest level of recognition currently offered by Lexipol.  The program recognizes law enforcement agencies for excellence in policy maintenance and training.  I was notified of the achievement in January.  This is the second consecutive year Atoka PD has been recognized.  We were given a silver award for 2021.  The recognition would not be possible without the dedication of all our personnel to reading, understanding and acknowledging policy updates and completing Daily Training Bulletins (DTBs).


Routine problems occurred with several of the police vehicles and other departmental equipment during the referenced period.   Repairs and maintenance continued as they normally do.  Additionally, three of the primary patrol vehicles are currently out of service.   Unit No. 28 (2020 Ford PI Utility) has been out of service since 03/24/23 and is at Stuteville Ford due to a faulty CV Joint and a sensor related issue.  Unit No. 29 (2020 Chevrolet Tahoe) has been out of service since 04/10/23 and is at the City Shop due to a broken motor mount.  Unit No. 31 (2021 Ford PI Utility) has been out of service since 04/10/23 due to a faulty CV Joint and is at Stuteville Ford.



ANIMAL CONTROLOfficer John Smithart reports the following:



(*The following numbers were reported from 04/10/23 through 04/23/23)

Dogs that were picked up by the Animal Control Officer: (09)

“Other” animals picked up or otherwise dealt with: (02)

Dogs that were adopted from the pound: (0)

Dogs that were claimed by their owners: (04)

Dogs that were euthanized: (02)

Animal carcasses that were retrieved for disposal: (09)

Dogs that were being held in the pound: (06)

Dogs that were properly registered according to City Code: (01)

Dogs that were escorted to the Vet (with owners) for Rabies vaccinations: (01)

Warnings issued (verbal or other): (06)