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Common Public Nuisances

Common public nuisances include tall grass or weeds, trash and debris accumulations, inoperable vehicles, and unsecured or dilapidated buildings. 


Tall grass or weeds - They are the most common public nuisance. Tall grass and weeds are generally defined as uncared-for vegetation that exceeds six inches in height, gives off unpleasant odors, creates a traffic hazard, or is otherwise hazardous to the public. Owners of the property will be notified and have five days to abate the nuisance before the city takes further action. 


Trash and debris accumulations - This includes any unhealthful items such as garbage, uncared-for items, tree limbs and branches, furniture and appliances, etc. Owners of the property will be notified and have ten days to abate the nuisance before the city takes further action. No trash or abandoned / discarded items are allowed on private property. Poly Carts are not to remain by the curb except on days of regularly scheduled pickup.


Unsecured, deteriorated or dilapidated buildings - Vacant buildings can represent attractive dangers to neighborhoods. All ground-level entries to vacant buildings must be secured. Buildings that are in a significant state of disrepair or that represent collapse hazards can be demolished by the city. The owners of the building will be notified 15 days before a public hearing is held and may present their plan to rehabilitate or remove the building at the hearing. 


Inoperable vehicles - The City of Atoka has codes that make it unlawful to keep an inoperable vehicle upon private or public property. Generally, officers look for vehicles that have significant components missing or expired license plates. If a vehicle remains inoperable for more than 72 hours, it may be subject to towing and impoundment. The owner or occupant of the land the vehicle is on will be notified and has ten days to remove the vehicle.


​Parking on the grass or sidewalk - all vehicles must be parked on a sealed surface such as concrete or asphalt.


Unfenced swimming pools - swimming pools must be fenced with at least a 4 foot tall fence.  


Public nuisances - a public nuisance can be defined as unsecured property, holes in the ground, stagnant water, and any other items which are a danger to the public health, safety, and welfare.




Zoning violation - businesses operating illegally from residence, open-displays, too many dogs (kennels), commercial vehicles in residential areas, etc. 


Property maintenance code issues - fencing, broken windows, broken garage doors, painting, roofing, etc. 

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