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1384 West Liberty Rd Atoka, Ok 74525

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The Atoka Police Department is dedicated to maintaining the safety and security of the citizens of Atoka. The Atoka Police Department works to enforce laws, apprehend criminals, and prepare cases for prosecution. The Atoka Police Department’s duties include responding to criminal and non-criminal emergencies, traffic control, and investigation of crimes within the city limits. The Police Department also has an Animal Control Officer to help control and regulate the animal population and investigate reports of animal cruelty. The officers of the Atoka Police Department are dedicated to serving and protecting the people, who live in, work in, and visit our City; doing so with professionalism, honor, and integrity. 

If you have information relating to a possible crime, please call Crime Stoppers at (580) 889-4031. Please do not attempt to contact the APD via 911 unless it is an emergency. The non-emergency contact number is (580) 889-3250.


Gene Dodson

Police Chief


Brian Snead

Assistant Police Chief

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353 East A Street
Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

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