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3062 East North Hills Rd Atoka, Ok 74525

Director: Noble Nix

The Choctaw Nation is now in charge of the recycling for the City of Atoka. There will also be a cardboard trailer Monday- Friday that will go around to all of the businesses that currently have cardboard containers to pick up as normally scheduled. All recyclables will still be recycled; the only change is that the Choctaw Nation will be over this operation rather than the City of Atoka. The Choctaw Nation has better, more modern recycling equipment as well as a larger workforce to staff this operation. We are happy to have the Choctaw Nation taking over this operation and believe they will do a better job than the City was capable of with the resources available.

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has two recycling drop-off locations.  One location is at 983 W. Liberty Road at the side of the Atoka Community Center.  The other recycle trailer is located at the Recycling Center at 376 N. Ohio St.  Both recycling trailers are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Both of the recycling trailers accept the same materials including various types of paper, certain grades of plastic, aluminum, and cardboard. Bins at each of the drop-off sites are clearly labeled and indicate exactly what kinds of materials are acceptable.

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