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353 East A Street Atoka, OK 74525


Director: Phyllis Bates


The City of Atoka’s Code Enforcement Office uses code enforcement to seek correction of public nuisances as defined by Atoka City Codes and State Statutes (11 O.S. 22-111, 112, 112-A). A public nuisance is generally defined as a condition that affects the community’s health, safety, and welfare. 


How it is Enforced?

In Atoka, code enforcement has civil and criminal tools available to seek correction of public nuisances. Through the codes and statutes cited above, the city can enter onto private property to abate public nuisances. Code Enforcement can also issue criminal citations through municipal court. Currently the city uses both a citizen complaint process and observations by Code Enforcement personnel in the field to initiate code enforcement cases. In most cases, public nuisance issues are resolved by the property owner after door hanger or letter notification. 

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353 East A Street
Atoka, Oklahoma 74525

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